San Elijo Surf Team


Welcome Parents and Surfers,

The San Elijo Surf Team is a middle school surf club & competitive surf team. The club is for those who like to surf or body board and want to improve their skills.  The competitive surf  team is for those that surf/ body board at a competitive level.  The team  participates in the Scholastic Surf Series against other San Diego division 1 middle school surf teams. Click here for our contest schedule   Both are run by an all volunteer staff and a SEMS factulty adviser. We are currently looking for additional volunteers to help out in the water. See our FAQ page for additional info. 


It is our mission to provide a positive learning environment that fosters respect for each other & the ocean, to teach surf etiquette & ocean safety, and promote the spirit of Aloha.


Learn solid fundamentals and progress individually.
Learn surfing history,nomenclature, etiquette, and ocean safety
Establish an understanding about the ocean environment; its currents, hazards, and local marine life
Everyone participates. Everyone learns
Have fun, Spread aloha!


Volunteer Staff

Faculty Adviser - Dylan Connor

Head Coach & Team Manager - David Yates

Assistant Coach - Vaccant, looking for parent volunteers that surf

 San Elijo Surf Club Board of Directors

President -  Melanie Hernandez

Vice President - Vaccant, looking for volunteers- No surfing experience required

Treasurer - Roxanne Beasley

Special Events - Lisa Molnar


Thank you for visiting our site! Please contact us at if you have any questions.